What is a Windows activation key?

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Asked Nov 09, 2017
A product key is a 25-character code used to activate Windows. I would suggest you visit https://www.softwareguys.co.uk/ for more information.
Answered Nov 13, 2017
everything comes with an expiry date so in case of window there is a solution for this term called activate windows. A product key for is most important thing. without product key you can use window only for some days. but if you activate your windows with a product key you can access your PC for a long period without any cautions. Product key is a combination of 25- characters and it will turn your windows into activated.
Answered Apr 12, 2018
The product key is a usually unique, alphanumeric code of any length required by many software programs during installation. They help software manufacturers ensure that each copy of their software was legally purchased.

Most software, including some operating systems and programs from most popular software makers, require product keys. As a general rule these days, if you pay for a program, then it probably requires a product key during install.

In addition to product keys, some software makers, including Microsoft, often require product activation to help further ensure that software is obtained legally.

Open source and free software programs usually do not require a product key unless the manufacturer implements its use for statistical purposes.

Note: Product keys are also sometimes called CD keys, key codes, licenses, software keys, product codes, or installation keys.

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Answered Apr 13, 2018

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