Hello, I need some help with finding the name of two horror movie's?

Okay, for year's now I been searching & searching for two horror movie's that aired on the "Sci fi Channel" some time in the 2000's ? The first movie has to be from the late 90's, and it take's place at sea with two couple's on a yacht and later that night it start's to storm hard and the one couple is up top and the other couple is down be low and I don't remember if the boat crash's into a rock or if a shark was trying break in but one of the women get's her leg stuck in the hole and everyone else is trying to free her leg because the water's leaking in and starting to rise as there trying to put her leg out the sharp jagged edges of the opening start's cutting into her leg, so once they're able to get her leg out they end up lost at sea and then they come across this fogging deserted looking village and they pull into one of the boat dock's and the one guy tell's the other's too look after the women that hurt her leg and he would look to see if there was anyone that could help them, and as he's looking around he enter's into a church that look's like it's been vandalized with demonic symbol's and I don't really know anything else in between beside's he find's a beautiful women in a bed and when he took her cove off from the waist down she had tentacle's and then he was in a bath room and there was a monster who had tentacle's on his back who kept trying to kill him with his son yelling daddy and then that guy pushed the monster face down in the toilet and drown him and again I don't really remember what happen in between, so at the end of the movie he was surrounded by a large group of deformed and monster-ish people and they were going to burn him alive when out of no where that some women with the tentacle's came to his aid and tried to reason with them but they wouldn't listen and did it anyway and when he was set on fire he jumped into the water and she jumped in as well and the both of them swam toward's this large black opening, and the movie end's.The second movie has to be from the earlier 90's, it start's out with a teen girl getting out of school with her holding her book's and I don't remember when but some time in the movie she meet's this bad boy kind of guy and her father's against it and toward's the end of the movie she start's getting harassed by this guy and find's a pig head in her fridge, and this guy turn's out to be a vampire and need's to sacrifice her because she's a virgin, But her father say's to take him in stead of his daughter so the vampire take's her father to a cave and hang's him up by his wrist and cut's off his ring finger and I think eat's it or suck's the blood from it, but the daughter come's and kill's the vampire and save's her dad and it end's.
Asked Nov 01, 2017
Edited Nov 01, 2017
Ketoviante Sweden
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