Are coworking spaces better than taking office on rent in Mumbai?

Asked Oct 26, 2017
The leasing of the offices in Mumbai is high. If you cannot afford it then you can consider other alternatives. If you cannot find office on rent in Mumbai then you can consider coworking spaces.

It provides all the facilities of an office like internet, desk space, meeting room, conference room, private office and kitchen. It is cost effective as you do not have to spend on setting up any facilities, the floor or the office interiors. You do not have to sign any yearly contract when you rent it. It can be rented on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Answered Oct 27, 2017
If you are looking for office on rent in Mumbai but you cannot afford it then you can check out coworking spaces.

It is a good option as it provides all the facilities of an office. You can rent it on daily, weekly or monthly basis and you do not have to sign any yearly contract. You can rent the desk space as you require.

You do not have to worry about spending on setting up any facilities. The Mosaic is a coworking space located in Andheri (East), Mumbai. It is easily accessible by Metro railway, local railway and road.
Answered Oct 28, 2017
yes it is always better option if the number of people is less so you dont need to pay high rent, you can check out Coworking Space in Chennai through
Answered Jun 07, 2019
If you are a large scale organization then I'll suggest go for renting if not coworking is the right choice.

Questions You Must Have Answers To Before Choosing An Office Space For Your Business

Finding the right office space is like dating! Yes, you heard us right; and the Internet has made this selection process a lot more complex. In essence, this means more options. The following answers help ease your doubt.

Nowadays, we want everything from our workspaces:

1. Accessibility
2. Productivity
3. Privacy
4. Personality
5. Hospitality
6. Flexibility, and furthermore

We want sitting desks and standing desks – pun intended, napping areas, and play areas. We expect our office space to be all things at all times, such that we forget their essential purpose:

For thoughtful, productive work.

So how do fully-serviced, custom-built office spaces enhance your productivity more than a commercial office space?

Finding answers for the six questions listed below would help you make a decision to finalize a custom Office Space in Sholinganallur – the IT corridor in Chennai and many other locations and they ignite your most creative ideas.

1. Accessibility: Which area should the office be located?
Location plays a huge role in attracting and retaining the best employees in order to optimize work-life balance. Good location decisions can significantly boost a company’s long-term performance. Poor ones could cost you millions in lost talent, productivity, and capital.

2. Productivity: Is the workplace ergonomically well-planned?
Workplace design has a profound impact on the productivity of workers. Making the best use of space through the optimum placement of equipment, integrating the human factor into workplace design, and effectively aligning the workplace into the surrounding environment are important aspects of ergonomics. The integration of principles of human well-being into workplace design has become critical for ensuring the workers perform to their best abilities. Poor Ergonomics is known to cause disorders that can have adverse effects on health.

3. Privacy: Does the workplace provide space for confidential meetings and discussions?
Privacy is a very important factor in everybody’s life. Mothers with young children crave it like water in a desert. Writers need it to focus their thoughts well. Lovers search it out to bask in its blissful solitude together. All human beings need privacy, just as much as they need public interaction. The lack of privacy in an employee’s workspace can hinder a working person’s sense of autonomy, giving them less control over more click below
Answered Feb 17, 2021

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