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Asked Oct 20, 2017
As a job. I started applying to universities at this point with literally no previous knowledge of the gambling industry, and for some unknown reason, somebody saw something in me and offered me a position in a computer science and games technology course. It's likely an unconventional story in the market, but it just goes to show you've a passion for gambling, there isn't much you can't achieve.

I had been graduated from college for about two months before I got my job. It was a strange stage, working on and off at a local bar, having this sense of impostor syndrome (probably related to getting basically zero experience when compared with everybody else I had met in my university class ) and half-heartedly using every now and then to a games company. At some point, I came across Jagex and instantly recognized RuneScape as that match my brother used to play along with his buddies from college (he used to tempt his buddies into"The Wilderness" and then steal their stuff... I wasn't sure why they kept playing with him).

I applied, and inside the space of a month, I proceeded to Cambridge and began my very first real job. It was an immense shock to the system! I had been surrounded by men and women who had worked in the sector (and also the company) for 10+ years. They had this massive wealth of knowledge that I did not even know how to begin going about acquiring. Fortunately, I was supported perfectly on a day-to-day basis, and slowly but surely my impostor syndrome vanished, and I began to feel right at home.

Tell us a bit.I am now a technical programmer for RuneScape, that is 17 years old and as this has thousands upon thousands of traces of aging code. My main role as a technical developer is to keep up the code base, modernize and ensure new content is effective and easy to keep. On top of this, I design and create content.

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Answered Mar 09, 2019

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