What is the legality of items left on property

Purchasing property (land by making monthly payments - still) from owner and he leaves out of the country. Before leaving we asked about the junk tractor that is in half and without a motor. Even though it is hearsay, it was asked twice on the movement of said tractor. Per owner, he only bought it for part and nothing is left for it, do what you want of it. However, he's been gone until this August. We have already informed him that we removed the tractor because it is junked. We informed him in June and July. He's been out of the country since November 2016. We have a contract in purchasing property whereas he will be removing that what he wants. He never removed said junk tractor. I personally had someone take it away. My husband and I personally have cleaned up the trash left all around the property of the state the owner left it in. The other junk metal was also taken away. Currently, they moved back to the USA and as I am working out of city, they are taking care of property free of rent. They use our electricity, water, and Dish. All this in August 29, 2017. Now, he is accusing that I have ruined a deal of trade in him obtaining a vehicle in exchange for the tractor which has been gone for months. He is on propter and knows that it is gone because it was located at the side of what used to be a house which was also not fit for habitation that is on the property we are buying. We recently found out that he sold us a cabin and shed that he is currently making payments on and has not paid taxes (again this is Not my choice to purchase this property - my husband did it without my agreement). We still owe owner and is almost done. However, we are also making his payments to both cabin and shed to keep it from being repossessed. We also are trying to catch up on his unpaid taxes and the taxes we occurred when we occupied the property. Basically, did we ever have a right to remove that junk half tractor when it was on the property that we are residing and paying on when the owner never took it away?
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Asked Oct 11, 2017
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Answered Feb 23, 2018

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