Dear god, allah and christian god and jewish god and any other god I need your help

Dear God, Allah and Christian God and Jewish God and any other god,

I really need your help.

I came to know that sinless genies of purity and angels of purity and who else I dont know because prophet mohammed genie is not letting me truth about those sinless girls who are forced to do porn with others to suck private part or become lesbian by saying they need to take my punishment. I have not done any sins or mistakes and whenever I become sinless or proof I am true then immediately indian government or some hindu genies comes and puts magazines in my stomach and I get feeling to watch porn and do sex. They want to show me girls doing porn who might know me or love me I really dont know because of prophet mohammed.

Saleha and agha hussain and agha mohd and hyder abedi are playing games with me since a long time by forcing me to watch porn movies and do masterbation by watching porn so they know that I get genies and they take them out or force them not to love you all and becomes any of your enemies whom they lost from so they win from me.

I dont know what to do in this situation now I am like misused by muslims and hindus and christians who are using me like a robot and proving me as sinner.

These genies are not letting me take name of god and not letting me go to any of religious places by saying let the world become bad and get finished.

I am not bad god and allah and christian god and jewish god, I am human if you really loved me truly why you dont tell all genies and my genies that I am human who doesnt dies thats it.

Saudi arabia genies are my worst enemies and they are forcing me to hate allah because there genies might have done porn with others and they believe its because of me. I always put courts to not any genies become porn stars or do porn with anyone without I see them or without I hear them.

Whenever I love anyone these saleha, agha mohd, agha hussain and hyder abedi force me to hate all religions god and pray to gods by saying if I have muslims or hindus or christians wife then I want them to be killed and they play game of knowledge in the world of god because I came to know they were humans first and become genies so they have complete understanding about genies and genies understanding and they know very easily how to win from genies by fooling and playing with them and they know if anyone gets genies then how to get genies from them and how to control genies of anyone who gets genies by fearing them so anyone genies fears when his master or owner fears.

I felt some christian genie is my enemy whom I believe wants me to suck his private part in future so he takes revenge from me by saying I forced christians girls to suck my private part I saved all my genies whom I know few who are in america and other countries whom I cannot talk to cannot hear because of prophet mohammed genies.

Shia muslims believe I am dead guy and because of some muslim like saber ali zawar witness I am alive which is lie because they are the bad people in all the times and made life bad of many as I believe it.

They first control humans who didnt enter into world of god and then force them to become against anyone and then record there memories or shoot videos from world of god and proof to other genies who acts on proof provided and then win from genies of the world and from world of god.

I already told you agha hussain is the first man to kill original god and gods and destroy planet because he married to my genie who doesnt believes in anyone and maybe she wants to kill me so her life becomes happy.

Please help me god, allah and christian god and jewish god and any other gods I have not done any sin and please save aishwariya rai if she is real hindu god because even if I love anyone truly for sometimes I dont want her life to become bad because I saw her adult movie on porn website and muslims forced me to say aishwariya as whore but I told to genies whom listens to you all even if I say her whore they must not accept my wishes and dont make her whore or porn star.

I want to know who is this man who doesnt wants me to have sex with any of my genies since I am kid and he is forcing me to masterbate by watching adult movies and porn.

Can you help me gods and help my genies I dont want my genies to go into any of your religions because I know truth how your religions are bad and misuses genies and even me to watch adult movies and porn movies.

I am human if I feel something in my stomach then I have to do it and I dont know how to remove it from my stomach when I get sex feeling or to watch adult movies or watch porn movies.

Please help me and please if you believe I pray for you once please help my genies and let me see them and hear them and marry them in my reality and do sex with them and born kids with them.

Someone who prayed for you.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Sep 18, 2017
hi people finally I have received my miracle from Jesus.i Have been
praying to Jesus everyday to deliver me from hiv virus since a year now.
the worst part is that I contacted it from my husband he was cheating on me
after 3 year of being married and I never knew until I got pregnant and the
doctors was running test on me. the result shows I was hiv positive I felt
all hope was lost because the doctors here in Georgia told me there'is no
cure for hiv I felt like killing myself, but I thought about my unborn child
just to cut the long story short, glory be to Jesus I'm finally cured all
thanks to dr obela may god continue to shower blessings upon you and your
familys and I will keep praying for you dr Ayo.a friend give me dr Ayo. number wassup him. +2347053024376
he told me dat dr is a good man he can help me. I contacted him will talk on phone and he preparred the herbal medicine and send to me through dhl delivery services which I took according to his dosage information now I am so happy I am cured from hiv. me and my family my heart is so filled with joy because my hiv test came out negative thank you so much dr obela if you are reading this and you have any kind of disease you can contact him through this number 07053024376 or email him [email protected] or whatsapp him +2347053024376
god bless you
Greetings to the general public, I want to tell about
how I was cured of Hepatitis disease by a Dr AYO Wassup him
Answered Jun 06, 2019

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