How to replace my cigarette lighter in my car?

I have a 2002 Subaru outback legacy. I've removed the paneling so I can get to the wiring for the cigarette lighter and also bought a new one at autozone. I bought Victors universal cigarette lighter and the connector on the wire is flat with 2 small prongs, like a fork, but there's no way that's plugging into the old one so I was told I have to cut the wire and splice it but not sure which wires. I know nothing about cars so please dumb things down a bit
Asked Sep 14, 2017
Edited Sep 14, 2017
Just check the wires which one is positive and ground then it will be easy for you to fix this issue. If still can't find the proper terminal then you just use hit and trial method. Connect the terminals and start the lighter if it's working with the terminals you connected then you are good to go else change the terminals and try again. One of my friends recently replaced lighter from Delta Diesel Repair in Las Vegas. Fact is that mechanics know the best and easy way to fix the problem, but if you want to give a try then try the above method.
Answered Nov 14, 2017

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