Mom's going nuts, how do I get back to America and what next?

My mom has been acting increasingly strange. She keeps accusing me of working for the government and running around town committing crimes(lewd crimes) when my time was well accounted for  (I was with her then while she was recuperating from surgery. I had to help her get back to the States after she was diagnosed with cancer while she was working in the country I study abroad in because she can't speak the language and English translators are not legally mandated at hospitals like they are in the States and most hospitals did not want to admit a foreigner because of the bad publicity if the foreigner got worse or died since it's legal to turn down patients there ).

She only calls me a fool, stupid, or doubles down on her unfounded claims when asked why she believes them. I asked her to explain how I could do all of that with no one noticing, she won't answer and only makes the claims again and again. She claims that there are rumours that it's all true, but says she won't say who is saying these things other than her for their safety.

I don't think this is true or normal. I have one more year to go on a degree program, but I'm worried that she will do something I didn't expect that will leave me stuck out of the country with no rent, tuition, etc. and even worse the slim chance that the locals might actually believe her government accusations.

She started two years ago by making lewd accusations such as saying that the way I pronounced 'p' and 'b' made me sound like someone advertising oral intercourse on women, and it only got weirder when after a few days of that she started accusing public figures of things I'm not going to say here and then told me that I was being had and shouldn't work for them and any contract I had signed was invalid.

I don't want to get stuck overseas relying on her when she's acting insane and I don't want to leave school but I can't rely on someone this unpredictable nor can I pay myself. She has kept doing this regularly enough for me to get exasperated enough to start screaming and then she speaks more calmly than anything you can imagine after accusing me of the kind of things I can only describe as nuts. She even went so far as to accuse me of being on a high-level committee--to assuage abuse by CIA agents she thinks slapped me in an FBI office and people who make patriots by brainwashing them, thus exchanging my virtue for a title which is something she is unwilling to do. I'm a "fool" and "stupid" because of this according to her.

I'm concerned about getting stranded overseas because I came overseas on her dime and now I'm worried about her too: what will happen if she acts on the things she's said and how much responsibility I would have for it since I know she's acting strange right now.

What should I do? I don't know if this is an illness or if she is doing something I found out about online called ambient or stealth abuse.

She's claiming that everyone in town is saying these things to her and that they're credible--but she refuses to say who claiming that they will be endangered if she does. She's also accusing the lady she lives with of being in on it. She won't explain why. The lady she lives with is diagnosed with schizophrenia. She is also over 70 years old. I don't know if this is a mental health problem or something else like, I hate to think it, stranding me overseas on purpose.

This last semester she has been repeatedly late with rent and was late with tuition to the point school staff were emailing and texting me to warn that my visa was in danger during finals week if I didn't have the tuition paid soon. I told her if she couldn't afford it, I needed to leave while I still had enough savings to buy a plane ticket. She told me to stay and finish finals. I told her that if I did that I would have to spend my plane fare on accommodations. She said she would pay my plane fare later a  that I just needed to finish finals.

This is bad enough, but I since then she has not kept her word.

She had said disturbing things similar to this before before when I first came back to school after staying with her a year for  her surgery, but after promising to not do it again and admitting that maybe she was a little crazy after what she had been through I stayed. The problem is now the accusations are more outrageous than ever and I'm scared that she's nuts and I can't get back to the States and also don't have tuition on my own. She got us stuck in Thailand when I was 17, but because I was 17 the friends of the lady she is living with now got us plane tickets. I don't think I can explain myself to them if I ask for help again. They'll wonder why I trusted her to not get me stuck overseas again and I also don't know them personally. 

Important questions about this problem are:
What should I do and what resources are there to deal with this? Am I obligated to to notify her doctors, the local police, family services? Does this sound like it can escalate to a point where she or others are in danger? I know it's not normal, but I don't know if it's dangerous for her or others. How do I get back to America? What do I do next assuming I do get back to America instead of stranded here? What can the embassy or consulate do to help out?

P.S. There is no American university in the picture. The school works with American universities, but I'm only enrolledin the foreign school. No guidance counseling available and no Americans who know about how to fix the problem are in any way obligated to help me because I am not their student.

This also is turning into an emergency since my visa doesn't last forever.
Asked Aug 21, 2017
Edited Aug 21, 2017

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