Hello all I am working in bpo company since last almost 3years.

Hello All I am working in BPO company since last almost 3years. I have given best time to this company. Now they are trying to kick out. Lot of politics here. Sr are also supporting to this? I had a relationship with my team coordinator. Now I broke up since last 6 months. I am already moved on. He irritates me a lot. Complains to my tl. About my break timings, sleeping on the floor and production. I gave intimation now my lady manager told ne to send sorry mail to her that without asking her I face intimation u were frustrated and gave intimation just like dat. But actually it was not.. I am so much irritated by my team coordinator. He checks me a lot. He has kept break sheet timings where we are updating breaks when we are going for it. Now during on the floor if we are going in washroom they also count as a break timings. Which they never told us.. Of it would be like dat then why breaksheet is der? My x bf tries to know from someone whom I am meeting., where I am going. When the time was der for him he never did anything. Now my manager she supports him very well. Coz she will not get team coach. They checks ne a lot. My tl was shouting on the floor at me. Being a girl I have to get respect. Which I am not getting. Other ppl r getting lot of work.. But they are not giving me.. They have certain plans to kick me out.. I can't leave this job. I have lot of responsibilities at home I don't have siblings. I have loan to pay. This ppl r running behind me.. I don't wanna leave this job... I have responsibility management team are involved in this politics. Help me out...
Asked Aug 19, 2017

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