What to do about family not taking your Arachnophobia seriously?

For those who dont know what Arachnophobia is, its a phobia, or severe fear, of spiders. I have a pretty bad case of Arachnophobia where I will litetally see a spider and have an anxiety attack. I will usually ask people in my family to go kill the spider or put it outside because I literally cannot handle being anywhere near it. The problem is, nobody wants to, not because they're scared of them but just because they dont feel like it. I would handle it myself but my phobia of them restricts me from doing so. When nobody comes to help me with a spider I literally have a meltdown where I'm sobbing and in panic for two hours. I was told to "just go into a different room", but I have this feeling that when I lose it, it could be halfway across the house, making the entire house feel unsafe for me. I know it might seem like I'm being a wuss about this but I seriously cannot handle spiders and will be scared of even leaning on something due to a full on anxiety attack from them(fearing that theres one that will crawl onto me). I haven't gotten therapy for it yet due to being too busy currently but I'm asking this for the meantime. Anybody have any advice??
Asked Aug 03, 2017

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