Lying to parents about college

I really need help. I've been lying to my family about my college. They think that im on 3rd year but, I just started (Gonna be freshman this September) because ive been failing. I cant tell the truth because they are going to be disappointed af. my mom always says that she trusts me and I feel really bad. Im depressed and started thinking bad stuff. I need to cover 2 years and I dont know what to say.(cant tell the truth) pls do not say tell the truth. What should I tell them, how can I cover the lies? pls give me some really good advise. im 22 btw
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Asked Jul 23, 2017
If you tell the truth, your parents might scold you, they scold because they care about your future. If they know that you are prepared and if you have a plan, then it would calm them.
Instead of worrying over the failures, investigate what went wrong. Start preparing early for the exams, do not listen to anyone who says you can prepare the day before exam, make a perfect study plan.
Do not feel shy to approach your friends or teachers to ask for help. Keep revising the subject and take someone help.
finally you cant hide the truth , if you hide the truth you cant concentrate on studies and you cant perform well.

Anyways I am not suggesting you to tell the truth to your parents, because its your personal thing that I can not advise.
Answered Mar 30, 2018

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