Dear god my hashem I love you very much truly and you are only my god with other gods

Dear God,

If you dont want to help me please tell me I will stop taking your name and be a disbeliever like humans are I think I asked you for help in front of sky just few minutes ago and you have helped me and didnt let imam hussain genie not let my prayer come to you.

let me tell you how muslims abused me since childhood.

when I was 11 or 12 or 13 years old I was not mature I was not adult and I was kid and whoever teaches me anything I was doing that and I use to pray a lot for allah because I was born in islam religion and I was very nice as you can go back in time and check how I was. Then muslims mustafa who was my cousin and ateeq who was mustafa cousin were seeing something and they said I will show you something and they showed me adult magazine from which I could not control and I was shown adult movies by mustafa and it was not even my puberty time that means when I learned to masterbate my sperms was not coming and I use to have pain in my private part which is penis and I was abused by muslims family then my atmosphere changed and I was changed and forced to grow up even my age was not for growing up as sperms were not coming from my private part which is penis.

I stopped praying for allah of islam as I was abused and learned to watch adult movies and do masterbation even sperms were not coming and watch adult movies.

It was jain movie channel which I saw the first adult film scenes.

Then after few months or years mustafa did game trick with me of wwf which was to win force legs to put into top of head I dont know what was the wwf trick name but whe mustafa did this trick with me I could not breathe and I believe I died maybe and I started having genies as I think maybe.

Then I came to know mustafa took name of his imam ali and imam ali helped him by trying to save his family by sending his genies into human world and forcing there genies to marry with mustafa so genies keep winning from me and others and genie name was jaffri.

i was child and I didnt know to get help take name of allah in whom I believe or pray because I was human and I am still human but god.

i have lived a abusive life in india since I have come in india can you please give me money and send me to any other country where I am away from hindus and muslims so atleast I will live a beautiful life where I will have peace so I can cry or laugh or enjoy.

according to my research there is no original god and nobody is original god who wins and are genies rules thats it because even if some god proofs somebody like me is innocent and sinless other gods will ask for proof that proof which police or government needs like in human world police needs proof.

i hope you have understood my believe and atleast help me and let me see my family genies and atleast make me original genie so even if you dont help I can help myself like I have been helping myself and surviving to live alone.

my biggest enemy is imam hussain since childhood and shia and muslims.

if I want to curse then I curse them to be finished forever with there complete family and never have kids and never have anything and erased from time.

i am original god right now according to many and I give you permission to feel or do what I did since I am kid so you understand how I am like without any fate or genie.

i am sure you will atleast help me and give me freedom like china genies have freedom or put me on a place where there god name is not required to survive.

there is a genie coming with this email please take care of it and kill him or her if you want I give you permission.

Your Love and Family whom you know very well.
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Asked Jul 16, 2017
what the fuck?
Answered Jul 17, 2017

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