Dad and I having troubles

So I have been caught doing stuff illegal in the last few months and dad found out. I pretty much told him everything that I had been doing that I shouldn't have been. So he goes into a storage room hat I had told him that I had used to store DXM among other things in it and he sees condoms, empty bottles of DXM, and packaging from USPS which I used to buy the DXM from. We got into an argument which ultimately lead to me screaming at him saying that he always yells at me whether I tell him about what I am doing or not (as one of his main points is that I tell him nothing). My point is that he doesn't even need to say anything. If I tell him about these things, that means that I have had time to think about what I have done and realize that it was wrong and that I need to change. I don't know how to repair our relationship or if it is even repairable. And for reference points; I am 16 years old, my mom and dad are divorced, all my siblings live with my mom(leaving the house to just me and my dad).
Asked Jul 14, 2017

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