Does my martial arts master like me?

I've liked my Taekwondo Master for 3 years now, he's been an obsession. He's all I think about. He's always teased me about it, but recently he's been ditching his job to see me/take me across the street. He also mentions about when I'm 18 (3 years) that we can "talk". He's always looking for me and only enters a room if I'm there, never if I'm not. He's winked at me too and he says stuff like, "you're hot" or , "you're pretty", "you're cute". He wants to see all the pictures of me on my phone from my life and he is always touching my head or arm. He puts his arm around my neck and he always picks me for self defense (which ends up with me either hanging in the air grabbing onto his arm, or him leaning over me while my back is pressed against the mat). He is entertained when my face blushes and I get jealous when he talks to my sister (2 yrs younger) to play around with me. And when I used to txt him, at night he would say "see you in your dreams" or "tomorrow I will give you prize if you cooperate with me". Is he just teasing or is he starting to like me back?

Sorry it's so long
Asked Jun 28, 2017

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