Want to know if this was legal?

I was wondering if this is illegal....please be serious about this...
I live in arkansas. One day I was at family dollar, and was accused of shoplifting, which later they found out it wasnt true, but anyway the cops came in as soon as I made it to the checkout. They told me I wasnt charged with anything. Him and 2 more cops searched my vehicle while I was I the store (my friend was in there) . They brought the dog in and said that the dog senesed there was something in the vehicke or had been through the vehicle (i know its a lie but here where I live theyre gonna do it anyway). I knew they were fixing to search it anyway so I told them I had a pipe in The top console. Then they made me and my friend go back in the store with a female officer and do a strip search. Shen we got finished and back outside
they first told me I couldnt leave in my truck cause I didnt have insurance (i do now), but when they were getting ready to transport me, they told me to call someone to drive it home. Then on the way there we stopped at the barber so he could give somebody some money... I wanted to know what all might be illegal for them to do? I wasnt there when they searched my vehicle, I thought when t ehywere searching a ride the owner or someone had to be there
Asked Jun 26, 2017

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