Christian brad family from future has killed me twice and finishing my jewish family?

dear christians,

brad who came from future with his girls is finishing my jewish family and already killed christian god and erased memories from time.

brad genies killed me twice and few minutes ago brad girl genie put court on my jewish family to be finished and christian genies went and tried to rape my wives and brad girl genie put her genies inside my head and body to control me and control me.

i am not against jesus christ but brad family from future is making me against jesus christ and forcing me to sin so they can kill me.

if there is any true lover of jesus christ please help me and save me from brad family who came from future and lying to people that I am alive in there future as christian I am not christian.

i cannot tolerate this anymore because of brad family innocent christians are being killed and brad family is forcing me declaring as muslim as I am not muslim either.

i am being used to make genies bad of different religions and christians are one of them who came from future.

hitler has even come from past to kill me and my jewish family.

thanks for helping me and saving god people, I dont want my americans god people to die in world war 3 because of christians.

Lover of God.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jun 15, 2017

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