Is my boss allowed to call and make sure that i'm home when I call sick?

I barely ever call in sick at work.. Today I called in at 9am for a 3pm shift. My boss called "just to verify that I was home, since it's nice out".. Well for one thing when I called in sick it was foggy and raining so that is irrelevant anyways.. Just seems a bit discriminatory to me when I have never heard of anyone else getting a call. Ever. I've been switching between day and night shifts for this guy, working 5 shifts in a row for months without calling sick. Is this a legal reason to call me when I'm well within the guidelines for the call in at work which is 4 hours prior.. And it's not like I've called in one time since maybe January when I had strep throat. I'm kind of po'd actually because I was only hired on for 3 shifts in the first place as I have a chronic pain and I've been busting my butt to help for MONTHS! sorry for the rant I am just mad at the moment lol any info is greatly appreciated :)

My boss called me at home to make sure I was here because it's so nice out today... Is this legal?
Asked Jun 10, 2017

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