Am I "loving her too much"?

*** Short backstory before I state my question more clearly ***

I've been dating a girl for just over a month or so. But this is something that I'm not familiar with. We have such a strong connection. The relationship itself is balanced both sexually, and romantically, and there is no question of whether or not it is an UNBALANCED relationship (No, it is not).

Lately, I have felt like at a loss for words when I talk to her, partially due to this being the first time I was TRULY 'in love' with somebody, I suppose. I've had previous relationships, but those, unfortunately, turned out to be either riddled with abuse, or the girl would end up cheating on me as our relationship began dying. I've lost a lot of trust in people because of this, and I'm trying to trust this girl as much as I can, now.

In my own eyes, I seem to be going out of my way to help her out in every single way that I can, confiding in her, almost to excess, about my emotions and issues, and she reciprocates the same to me. It should also be noted that she suffers from borderline personality disorder, so I have to be extremely careful with how I word what I say...

My point is: I am being overly dramatic and I feel clingy, and find myself apologizing over the smallest details that could possibly upset her (even after she admits I have done nothing wrong, and it's just her disorder acting up, which upsets her further).

Q: Am I loving her too much, acting as a normal person would, or what?
Also, can this be an issue down the road?
Asked Jun 05, 2017

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