Am I straight, bisexual, bi- curious, pansexual or ect?

So I don’t know if I am straight, bisexual, bi- curious, pansexual or ect. For the longest time I told myself I don't need to be labeled as anything in life. I still believe this is true and I don’t want to label my sexuality but I have really been beating myself up over it. For a while I thought I was just curious but now I'm not to sure anymore. Like I honestly can’t tell how I feel about anything ever so I don’t know if I’m tricking myself into thinking that I have feelings for girls too. It;s hard to explain that but let's just say I have issues with my emotions. I just feel like I need some other opinions on what's going on. So anyways… I am 17 and I’m a female. There's been about 3 girls throughout my life that I think I might have/do like. One of them actually transitioned into male I don’t know if that’s important but they have similar traits. They are all more masculine presenting so short hair, dress more tomboyish. And I do find that very attractive especially with models and celebrities. I definitely have had guy crushes where you get that warm nervous feeling whenever you see them. The thing with guys is though, whenever I talk seriously with a guy I lose interest. Which I know sounds horrible because it is horrible. Like it doesn't have that same feeling as it did before which also might have something to do with my mental health. And idk I don’t get those warm nervous feelings with a guys anymore and I haven't in a long time. With girls, well mostly just this one girl in particular, I still don't get that burning sensation I used to get. I do feel super nervous around her but also strangely comfortable. Now let's talk about sex. I have only kissed one guy before for literally a second. I have ever been in an official relationship either so I don’t know if that has anything to with all this either. Now I can imagine myself kissing both genders but sex is a hard one. I don’t picture myself having sex with a girl as much as guys. I mean when it comes to sex, I can’t really imagine me doing anything at all tbh. But I mean with everything I have read I feel like I don't fit in any category of sexuality so idk I’m just super confused with myself.
Asked May 23, 2017
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