Am I wrong for leaving?

So I had planned to ride with my friend somewhere. I wasn't going to be gone for more than 30 min. I went to move my car so she would have room to pull in my drive way. I try to crank my car and it doesn't start. I went back in the house to tell my husband and he comes out looks at it and says it's either the battery or starter. My friend pulls up while all of this is going on and I tell her to wait one moment. By this time hubby has went back in the house. I run in the house tell him I'll be right back in 30 min cause I'm still going to ride with her. It's 7:02, I make it back home at 7:28. Now I had called him while I was in the car with her to let him know if it's not the battery then I'll just rent a car for a week until we figure out what's going on. Now he has a car that is drivable but it needs some work so thats why I was going to get the rental. When I get back home he is pissed. He tells me I should not have gone anywhere because we had a family emergency. I blow it off and we jump in his car to go get the battery checked. The battery is dead we buy a new one, my car cranks right up. Now he is still mad because he still thinks I should not have left with my friend. He states that we didn't know what was wrong with my car and my first priority should have been getting my car fix and I should have told her to leave. I tell him I was not even gone for a whole 30 min so I don't see why he is so mad. The car part store didn't close til 10 and we had more then enough time to check the battery. He's still mad and when I say mad I mean fire ball mad. Am I wrong for leaving with my friend instead of staying home and dealing with the car issue right then in there?
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Asked May 18, 2017

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