How to get a vocational teacher to teach the trade?

My junior son is in vocational school taking interactive media. He was so thrilled to go until class started. The teacher focused her days on teaching, not the trade of the classroom but the extracurricular business club all the students were obligated to join. This obligatory membership was normal as my older son already graduated from a program from the same school and I took an adult course through the same school. Non of my previous experiences focused so much on the club, in fact we barely knew we were members unless a student really wanted to focus on it themselves during the spare time in class or outside. She also is insulting to all the kids and simply sticks them in front of YouTube videos for the trade subject while focusing on the club student activities. The students learned part way through the year that she did not know how to use the programs she was supposed to be teaching. She is partial to some students by allowing some students to get out of assignments but not others. Ex. My son and another student work on yearbook staff togetheR that the trade teacher assigned them to. They both returned to class at the same time and both reported that they had not finished an assignment due to yearbook responsibilities. She let my son take extra days to finish without penalty but the other student had to present that day or fail the assignment. They are getting the same class grade average so no reason to treat them differently. I have many examples of partiality. While my son benefits from this farvortism he absolutely hates it and gets infuriated by it. I tried to talk to her personally about it but she refused to talk to me without the principal. I agreed but this meant I had to make it for a time convenient to him and that allowed her to teach a few classes to make her diary contradict my complaint and then returned to her normal way of teaching after the meeting. She also admitted that she spends so much time on club activities and does not teach as much trade since they have to go to college anyway so it doesn't make any difference. I informed her that several students were prepared to drop out if the trade was not going to be taught according to the class description. I was simply told that they could not talk about other students so I clarified that my son is among many other students that want to drop because they are not learning anything and feel they will not as educated as any certificate would make one believe them to be. I reminded them that trade school for most students is an alternative to college and that should not be. A reason to teach the class what is meant to be taught. My son has opportunities that do not require college but do require him to learn what we signed him up to learn. They laughed at me like I was ridiculous parent that had no concept of the real world and the idea of getting a job without college was a big joke. This was at the beginning of the year and now it is the end of the year and nothing was truly taught students were in front of the classroom. Some kids could get away with out turning in assignments and getting full credit while others were failed for no identifiable reason. Ex. My son and another student created a project that in all respects were identical. Same style, concept and color scheme. My son passed and the other kid failed saying he lacked creativity.

How do we get the school to get this teacher to teach the course and not be in constant preaching mode of college and club activities. He has another year to go and he wants it mean something and be highly educational or is he stuck with obtaining a YouTube education that he could have gotten for free at home?
Asked May 06, 2017

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