What's the difference between air purifier and air ionizer?

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Asked May 04, 2017
Air ionisers are the devices in air purifiers. Air purifiers or air cleaners are used to eliminate the contaminants in the air when kept when in a room. On the other hand, air ionizers are the devices placed in an air purifier to remove the particles in air. Air ionizer uses high voltage to ionise the air molecules. To know about the best air purifiers visit :  http://www.nestofbest.com/best-air-purifiers/
Answered Jan 03, 2019
Both air purifiers and ionizers work to remove the kinds of contaminants from indoor air that can make life miserable for allergy sufferers and those with respiratory illnesses. Air filtration purifiers use a different air-cleaning technology than that used by ionizers, a type of purifier that uses electrostatic charges to clean the air. But based on my experience I think air purifier works best than air ionizers. https://bit.ly/2XGmSqJ
Answered May 22, 2019
The major difference between an Ionic air purifier vs HEPA air purifier is how each product removes impurities from the air. ... An Ionizer operates by sending out electrically charged ions into the air that bond with harmful impurities. Once a bond is made, these particles become too heavy to stay in the air.
Answered Jun 21, 2019

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