What is the network topology for this connection?

Five executive connected together in a form of ring topology. The third executive, “the Master”, is connected to another network which consists of 4 support staffs that are connected using wired connection, and another 8 who are connected via Wi-Fi. The hub in this network is connected to three servers via a router.
In order for the server to work without fail, the executive require that the server are connected to other servers, and the server network connect straight to both Executive and support staff network to have backup router.
Thus, the total number of router in the server network is four, the first and second router connect to the support staff network, and the third and fourth router connect straight to third and fifth executives’ computers.

What is the name of the topology for support staff’s network?
What is the name of the topology for server network?
Draw the complete network topology
Asked Apr 30, 2017
Hello, Dear, I am not sure in my answer but I think the server network is WAN connection. The support staff's network is LAN star topology. In my company, For maximize the efficiency of data flow I am using a wide area network. The goal of optimization is to increase the speed of access to critical applications and information which I took from Wanos Optimization in very affordable price.
Answered May 10, 2017

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