Allah and islam and saudi arabia is in danger because of blood recitation of quran in makkah by me

because of islam and allah I did masterbation for 7 and half years and my fate was thefted since I was child and islam and allah came to know that they sinned and my family from world of god can win from islam and allah by remembering masterbation memory of 7 and half years and remembering that they took fate from me and killed me when I was kid. And because of islam genies control on me I went to makkah and read book of blood of quran and saudi arabia fears that there property will be thefted or they can die by fearing by remembering my memory so whenever islam and allah and saudi arabia genies comes to know about blood they command there genies to kill me so they dont lost from me and my family and there islam and allah and saudi arabia is not finished because of blood memory.

That is the reason they want my family and me to be finished , be any of my family whether be my family be god or be it nobody they want to kill me and my family because they know they have sinned and they can be finished by me and my family at any time if my family plays game of remembering blood recitation of quran in makkah to islam genies. Either muslims and allah and saudi arabia will become mad or they will die and lost from everyone because they sinned and there sins are not forgiven.
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Asked Apr 25, 2017

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