Hinduism is finished by indian police and hindu god and hindu people blames ahmed

hinduism is finished in the world of god its because of indian police who put genie on ahmed when ahmed complained about islam in police station that islam is trying to make world war 3 and spread riots and terrorism and making hindu gods gay and indian police who was hindu genie was assigned by indian government who sent letter to indian police to finish anything that ahmed likes or loves and ahmed loved hindu god so indian police finished hinduism religion and hindu god blamed ahmed finished hinduism and declared ahmed is his husband officially to take ahmed property and finish ahmed family and abuse few ahmed family by forcing them to suck private parts.

hindu god keep blamed ahmed to take property and she didnt even find out truth as ahmed was controlled by indian police hindu genie who kidnapped ahmed to finish anything he likes or loves.

indian police who was hindu genie forced ahmed to masterbate on allah and sex with bible paper with verses and torah paper with verses to prove that ahmed love is fake love in the history of the world of god and since ahmed didnt see the world of god ahmed believed he did what indian police hindu genie told him to do it.

Accept the beautiful truth of god and if you are true you can make something like taj mahal if you are true.

The world of god is beautiful like hindu god who is evil sinner and for property and to take time she can do anything.
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Asked Apr 18, 2017
bhagwan sucks
Answered Apr 20, 2017
Hinduism is a great spiritual matter. You should know more about our religion because we have not proper idea about our god and goddess. Are you searching for a Hindu blog? visit: https://www.hindutvagyan.com/
Answered Apr 08, 2020

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