I think I'm gay please help me figure this out not sexually olease

Hi my name is Jesse I am a 24 year old male, I m quite small only 5ft1 100 lbs so getting girls hasn t always been the easiest thing to do, but I ve managed to be married and divorced and now in a committed relationship engaged about to be married again. But I ve always loved to cross dress as small as 5, as I got older my first sexual experience was with the boy next door. I wasn t good with girls in high school, I made lots of girls who wanted me to be their friends, so until I was 18 the only sexual experience I had was with a male. As soon as I finally got a gf I was with her for 6 years and Married her. We divorced because during our relationship my gay fantasies, cross dressing the whole situation led her to finally lose attraction to me. At this point we decided that I wanted to transition and be come a female. It never happened flash forward 2 years later and after other gfs and many nights woundering ifnim was gay I met my current gf and I love her dearly! But the thoughts and doubts are still there and the attraction to males as gotten stonger. We are to be married in 8 months, I just slept with my best friend 3 nights agos she knows that I did it and is okay that I did. But it s the feeling I feel now that bothers me as it feels like it made me more confused on what I really want it feels like I m torn between two life s and I don t wxant to miss either one of them... I just need advice not sexually please!
Asked Apr 10, 2017
Hi I think you are most likely bisexual, and have a cross dressing fetish, if you truly love your girl and she is ok with you being bi then I think you should marry her, it isn’t very often a woman understands a bisexual man so make sure you talk to her about your feelings but I’m sure things will work out for you
Answered Apr 18, 2018

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