I need help choosing a pet for me

I am a female with depression and anxiety looking for companionship in a pet. Im moving into an apartment with two people that are best friends so me getting a pet is me trying not to be the third wheel. I want to be able to cuddle and not have to spend more then 30 minuets cleaning a week. Im at school and my job alot but in the morning and night I would like a pet to chill with me a few hours each day. I don't want something that sticks least/good for allergies, as well as something that takes the least room sense I might end up sharing my room. I also would not want to spend more then 300 on the pet and stuff initially and more then 30 a month on upkeep. Which is least expensive/takes least room/easy upkeep/therapeutic? Cockatiel, bearded dragon or guinea pig? Also keep in mind if some of these options need more then a few hours a day of interaction I may not have the room for a bigger cage.

Thankyou soooooo much!
Asked Apr 05, 2017
I would either suggest a hamster or cat. The hamster would be good because it's inexspensive, fun to play with, and easy to take care of. Cats might be a little big for you, but I asure you they are so nice once they get to meet you. Also, maybe try a bird. They're a very relaxing pet my brother said, and he's a phsycologist
Answered Apr 06, 2017

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