Am I pregnant or plan b side effect?

Hello, I'm a 23 year old female, and I started having sex with my boyfriend on the 21st of February. My next period started on the 27th of February and ended on the 5th of March. Since then we had sex numerous times, and all of them were unprotected. He pulled out and never came inside me, but we knew that precum could still get me pregnant, so just to be safe I took the morning-after pill, on 4 different occassions in one cycle (in less than 1 month). Note that in all of those times I took the pill just a few hours after intercourse. Anyway, the last time I took the pill was on the 20th of March, but we had unprotected sex again on the 24th and this time I didn't take a pill because I thought it was too much and he was sure he didnt precum or cum inside me. So, my next period was supposed to start on the 27th, but I expected it to be later than usual because I took many emergency contraceptives. Instead, on the 27th I started experiencing period cramps and lower back pain, and on the 28th the symptoms persisted but I also felt tired and a little moody, and by night I found some blood spots and I assumed it was my period so I put on a pad. But by the next day (29th) the whole day the flow was lighter than usual and there was very mild if not non-existent cramping, but I was bloated. The third day, there's barely any blood. It has become even lighter in flow. After doing some research I found that implantation bleeding is similar to what I'm going through, but so are the side effects of emergency contraceptives. Should I be worried that I'm pregnant? Or is it more likely that these are the side effects or the morning-after pill? Should I take a pregnancy test? If so, when? Please help! Thank you. (Please note that I live in a country where premarital sex is illegal and going yo a gynocologyst for advice is very difficult)
Asked Mar 30, 2017
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Answered Mar 30, 2017
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