I am original god witnessing truth to complete universe genies and all spirits?

i am original god witnessing truth to complete universe genies and all spirits that exist and doesnt exist. Those who doesnt believes in me becomes mad in time and if you believe in me and do what I did then only you are saved and you dont become mad and believer of me. Check cameras in front of yourself and on genies in any country and remove fabrication from my body of everyone and dont let anyone not remove fabrication from myself by keeping fabrication to be saved from me from there mind. Make sure you also remove fabrication of somebody not to remove fabrication. Make sure nobody puts me in there mind and my mind is clean and I am quiet and then test your recorded video and see what you see in video recorded. Those who doesnt becomes mad has been used with a trick by genies and spirits who are muslims and hindus and christians who played game to finish the world and name of original god who is me. You can also test who has believed in me until now truly by doing what I did who are my enemies to kill me who is of islam like shah hussain and hasan and shahid and hashem nagar genies and maybe hindu god too. Those who doesnt believes in me even if I didnt say it to believe in me becomes mad and dies. All are from me and lives because of me.

Test it practically and tell everybody to be saved from muslims allah and hindu god and christians.

Those gods who didnt believed in me there health becomes bad and they becomes to die. Fools thinks they die because of me and my sins.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Mar 26, 2017

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