Need a 65 year old to answer the following questions

When and where were you born?

Where were your parents, and any siblings born? Include their names.

If you have children, how many do you have and where are they now?

Where have you lived throughout your life?

What language(s) do you speak?

Describe any religious or spiritual beliefs that you hold.

Birth to Adolescence

Describe in detail where you lived as a child.

When you were growing up, what were the roles of boys and girls in the family?

Describe any "coming of age" ceremonies or significant events.

Describe your neighborhood when you were in junior high school (grades 6-8).

What music, clothing, and foods were popular during your teenage years?

How much did candy, movies, clothing, etc., cost?

Describe your school. (The building, classroom, teacher, subjects, schedule, homework, etc.)

What was the ethnic breakdown in your school? (Was there any diversity and/or multicultural education at your school?)

What was socially accepted in your community? (Consider religious beliefs, sexual preferences, racial differences, women's rights, etc., as well as things such as smoking and dancing.)

What did one do for amusement? (Consider entertainment, hobbies, sports, collections, etc.)

What illnesses were threatening the health of the community and how did you feel about them?

What were the rules of your house? How did you respond to them?


What jobs did you have throughout your life?

Which did you enjoy the most? the least? Why?

What did you have to do for the job you held for the longest time?

Did you attend college or trade school? If so, what was it like?

Tell me about any military or related experience.

Other Questions

Tell me about any dangerous and/or life threatening experiences (or the closest you have come to dying).

What were some of the prominent news events from your past that you remember?

What wars did you experience directly or indirectly? What was your experience?

What were some of the new inventions you can recall?

Describe all of the modes of transportation you have taken.

Tell me about a family story or a family event.

Tell me a funny story.

Describe and briefly talk about someone you admire(d).

What do you think are the most important things in life?

What advice would you give to today’s generation?
Asked Mar 21, 2017

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