Is it possible for two cats to share a litter box?

I have two questions for this one. The first one is the title and the second one is this: I got a new kitten and a small litter box for her to use until she gets older. However my older cat keeps going into hers now not his, so she wont eliminate in hers anymore because it smells like the older cat, so she will do it on the carpet, which is disgusting. The older cat keeps going in the litter box no matter how many times we change the litter. She also has perfumed litter in her box so I wonder if thats the problem. back to question 1: Is it possible for two cats to share a litterbox? I bought a automatic litter box that was very expensive, and my older cat has been the only user for some time. But then the new kitten came along and now I want them to share when she is older. Is that possible?
Asked Mar 14, 2017
yes I have 3 cats and they share a litterbox.
Answered Mar 14, 2017
were they always like that or did you have to train them. My kitten has started pooping on the carpet because my older cat was in her litter box.

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