Am I being bullied at work?

I have just come across this circumstance at work, where I don't quite know what to do. I will outline what has happened and I am just looking for advice to see if I am taking it the wrong way or if it is actually not right for this to be happening.

A week ago I was asked into a meeting (After a workplace meeting) with my Employer, he had a witness with him, I was not offered one nor was I told there was going to be a meeting to begin with. I was then told I would lose my job if I continued to hang out with staff members outside of work (social outings and the occasional drink), I was asked to remove them from all social media sites and discontinue any contact outside of work. I did this and didn't think much of it from a management point of view, however I didn't think my job could be threatened over it. My employer then went on to tell me about my dress standards (I wore ripped jeans to work, was asked to change on the day, and I did) He continued to yell and swear at me over this incident, to which I apologised for numerous times and swore it would never happen again.

Within 3 days, my employer was fired by the business owners and we now have a fill in general manager. Tonight, I was called up into our office where the new general manager met me (along with the same witness as the general manager had with him) and I was called into another meeting. I was given no notice, and not offered a witness. He continued to tell me about his standards within the workplace and how things were going to change. I understood clearly, and he continued. He brought up the social issue with staff (after stating he knew I had been spoken to about it) and told me if it were to continue to happen under his watch I was going to be let go. He told me I was too close to the staff on a personal level and that from a managers point of view I am managing as a friend and not a manager. This I can understand what he is saying, however I still don't see how my job can be threatened again over it. (there is no where in my contract with this company that says otherwise) I was then again given in trouble about my dress standards, the same incident that happened prior to him being there, it hasn't happened since, and I was again threatened with my job. He then proceeded to tell me, I piss a lot of management off and I need to fix it by going to the managers and asking them what I am doing so I can stop it and improve. (This I am confused about as I have never been pulled aside by other managers and told I am making their job harder, no one has raised any issue with me).

Last thing, I was asked what I thought our trading hours were and I responded with what I have been following for the 7 months I have been working there. I have never been given any warnings about closing too early during the week, as I am the night shift manager. He told me I was wrong and that 2 of the days I work, I should be staying open an extra 2 hours. I said I wasn't made aware of this, and his response was that every other manager had answered the right hours. (I asked a manager after the meeting who said he hadn't been asked the question at all) I was then told if it were to happen again and I close before trading hours, I was going to lose my job.

I am so confused as to what has happened and if he can even do this to me. I need to know if what is happening is classed as bullying or harassment or if I am in the wrong. If so, I guess I will take that as my last warning, but I need help from someone. Can he really be saying these things?
Asked Mar 11, 2017

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