Is 'Abasa' a sacred or protected word in Muslim religion?

I am looking at a business name that uses the word 'Abasa'. In English language it's a meaningless word that has the benefit of being quite memorable but a google search bring up references to 'Surah Abasa' from the Qur'an. I don't want to offend any religious or cultural sensitivities so just wanted to check how significant this word is in Muslim religion.

I haven't studied the Qur'an extensively but I understand there are 114 chapters and 'Abasa' is one of them. In comparison to christianity, the names of the chapters of the bible, like Genesis, Exodus, Judges, etc are not inherently religious words and their use in a different context is not likely to cause any offence. I am aware however that certain terms in Muslim culture are very closely linked and their use in other circumstances is likely to be seen as distasteful or worse.

I'd be grateful if anyone with knowledge of the Qor'an and Muslim culture could give any advice.


Asked Mar 06, 2017

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