An ex boyfriend of mine is listed as one of my relatives on several websites

I hope someone can help me because I cannot seem to find a solution to this anywhere online! I apologize if I don't describe my problem clearly but I am desperate to have this corrected and appreciate any suggestions that are offered. Around 9 years ago I was in a very short relationship that ended with me filing for a restraining order against him. Unfortunately, after several attempts trying to serve him the paperwork, I gave up because I had to pay each time the officer attempted to serve the documents so it never happened.

Before I ended things for good however, I bought a new car from a dealership his company did work with, and the guy I was dating told me somehow my name was ran with his social security number or visa versa? Now, he was not a co-signer for me or anything so how this happened I don't really know? But there is a chance he may have run the numbers himself, creating this whole mess because he worked at an unaffiliated dealership at the time. Regardless if this is true or not, ever since this happened, he has been listed as one of my relatives on data mining sites such as mylife, etc.

I monitor what personal information is available about myself online on a regular basis because I Have had my identity stolen previously, but everytime I see his name it make my skin crawl to this day! I know this can be fixed because when it happened initially I was able to have his information separated from mine but I cannot remember how I did this?! I know it was through some government agency, but I have been unsuccessful in finding who to contact since it happened so long ago.. I also want to say I opt out of every site and have them remove my information when I see it displayed, so contacting the sites the information is on will not correct the problem.

If anyone has any suggestions on who I could contact to correct this information I would greatly appreciate it! I know that because it is false information I can have it removed, I just have no idea who handles these types of issues..? Thank you for your help in advance!

Asked Mar 01, 2017
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Answered Jan 13, 2018

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