Which one is better for conversions: email marketing or social media marketing?

Hello Friends Which one is better for conversions: email marketing or social media marketing?
Asked Feb 27, 2017
Hi Dear,
Noe its a common question for all business that social media is very common media to popular your ads, products or service. But email marketing has it's own value. You can generate sales through email marketing service from the providers like Fresh Emails Daily. I think it will help you to take the right decision.
Answered Jul 24, 2017
Email marketing is still making waves in the digital space. According to statistics, there are three times more email based accounts compared to Twitter and Facebook put together. Emails are business-oriented and personal all at the same time. It is the preferred mode of communication, is cost-effective, measurable, increases brand awareness and gets more attention online. However, one should not totally give up on social media marketing. If a business is all for success, it’s best to use both email marketing and social media marketing as they are like oranges and apples, both different in their own ways but complementing each other. Refer the below link

Answered Aug 09, 2017
Email marketing connect with direct consumer and also can boost your sales. But accurate email list database is very important part of email marketing.So I would suggest to have an updated and accurate email list database from https://emailnphonelist.com/
Answered Aug 10, 2017
The email marketing or Social Media Marketing both are better for conversions but from my point of view, Email Marketing is a little more better as compared to social media marketing because it helps to increase conversions and most importantly build up relationships with your potential customers. In addition to this, email marketing campaigns can be customized to reach out to your existing customer base as well. Read this blog to know more: https://www.altastreet.com/marketing-to-high-net-worth-individuals/
Answered Jun 21, 2019
Email and social media are just parallel aggregates that communicate with each other.

We recommend using Email Marketing when you are looking for more traffic and direct conversions. Social media, on the other hand, is a great tool that helps engage its audience and helps you make more sales.

There is no reason why you should not use both. Just make sure to allocate your resources the right way.
Answered Dec 16, 2021

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