Is my crush trying to make me jealous or really likes that girl?

Is my crush trying to make me jealous or really likes that girl? One year ago, when I first met him, he really seemed to like me and he cared about me. When I was standing alone at a corner, he walked by me and told me to join him..but I was too shy he doesn't even onow I exist......on july, one of his girl friends texted me to meet me. We started talking about ourselves and she asked me who I liked..... I told her it was him...and not to tell anyone.....i regreted my life :/ she probably told him and he probably knows....on september, when school started, he started flirting with another girl, teasing, touching and hugging her right in front of me (that girl doesnt seem to like him at all and sometimes gets annoyed, but they are friends)....i felt really broken when he first did that, but things were getting worse every day, he sent kisses to her, made her a heart out of paper and gave her. He said: "this is for you (girl's name), my future wife and hugged her. I left the class ready to cry but I didnt....well sometimes, when he hugs her, he looks at the class, I think that he stares at me and when I catch him staring, he looks away or stops smiling if he smiles at my direction sometimes.....but when that girl reads team projects or does anything, he says her name loudly, right in front of me and calls her his crush :( aand one day our biology teacher caught him send kisses and he told him that he sent them to his true love, because he didn't on Valentine's Day........right in front of me.....and im 100% sure that he knows I like him...why does he do that to me.....he breaks my heart everyday...HE DOESNT EVEN KNOW I EXIST.....all of my friends think that he tries to make me jealous, but I think that he really likes that girl.....please help me....i suffer.
Asked Feb 21, 2017
catch him alone and ask him.
pug Mar 25, 2017
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