I need help finding a song? Please

Hey there!
So I have this song stuck in my head and I cant put my finger on what it could be... I dont have alot of information as im just going from memory which is jipped as it is haha..

But here goes, I can only remember bits of the film clip no idea who sings it or what it could sound like.
What I remember is its a black room with a band singing (i swear its a girl who sings it but not completely sure) but there is colourful paint being splatter all over them and others, I think they are all wearing white suits or something like that. But they are all fighting and getting covered in paint! For what I can remember but not 100% I think they fight and paint gets sprayed out like a head exploded or something but as this is happening the band is just smashing out and getting covered..
I think they all die in the end and they are all covered!

So I know thats not much to go on but thats what I can remember :) its not recent either as I saw it when I was a kid so it was like 2005 to 2010 roughly.

Hope someone can help ;)
Asked Feb 10, 2017
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