What is causing snow plow intermitant problems

I have a western MVP 8 1/2' v-plow, that works when it feels like it. sometimes I can go hours before it quits and sometimes it will mess up on the first plowing. It just quits working when ever it feels like it and then about 5-10 seconds later, it starts working again. sometimes it quits once and fine again and sometimes it just does it continuously for an hour. but it always goes back to working after it quits. I thought it was the controller in the truck, after reading about problems with those and bought a new one, but it still does the same thing. The light on controller never goes out, so the controller isn't loosing power, but when it doesn't work there is no noise from the pump and as soon as it starts working again you can hear the pump. It's kind of like the pump quits getting power. I have packed the plow connection between the plow and truck with dielectric grease,too.
Asked Feb 09, 2017

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