Do I have a problem with my brain? Writing/Speech Question

So, I'm studying C# (a coding language) and this problem keeps coming up.

I'm writing terms down, such as IDE - Integrated Development Environment. However, when I write them on paper, I miss-place the letters sometimes.

For Example, I wrote - Integrated Development "Enviornment"
- A software used "fro" programming.

I simply switched the O and the R in the word "Environment," and the R and O in the word "For".

I do this somewhat frequently... enough for it to start bothering me now.

Also, when I talk, I sometime know the word I'm saying, but I don't say it right. Such as Relevant, vr Relative, or when I try to say certification, instead I will say, Cer-tif-i-cation. Like, I won't connect it all.

Do I have a processing disability, or something such as that?

I don't know if my question makes sense. I hope it does.

Thanks - Jesse
P.S - 23/y male
Asked Feb 04, 2017
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Answered Feb 04, 2017

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