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I came up with an idea for Starbucks and ran some numbers and came to the conclusion that I could increase Starbucks sales by seventy three million a year!
Obviously, before a Starbucks representative signs a Non-Disclosure, I can't reveal the true idea. However, I can tell you the idea in parable form:
My company, Hollywood Stars Inc, sends free of charge to Starbucks, famous actors that have a large fan following into every Starbucks and spend time with customers and sign autographs for customers all day long 365 days a year.
I think we would both agree that it would be safe to assume that minimally there would be increase in average daily sales by $20.00 per store where the Hollywood Starts are found.
Now lets just take 10,000 stores:
10,000 x $20 = a 200,000.00 increase in average daily sales per day
200,000 x 365 = $73,000,000.00 total increase in sales per year!
Not bad considering the fact that Starbucks did not have to lay out penny!
Now obviously this is just a parable but I believe with the real idea the numbers are the same and I think you will agree once I can tell you the idea.
All I am asking is for 5 minute meeting either in person or by phone. If you like the idea Starbucks just sits back on watches yearly sales increase 73 million minimally. (Please do not say too good to be true until we have spoken for 5 minutes. The concept is too easy to understand as to require the labor and time intensive standard business plan and believe that Starbucks will concur once you hear the idea.).

Bottom Line: 5 minutes of a Starbucks representative time =(may equal)= 73 million net increase in yearly sales.

Looking forward to speaking!

Yaakov Krieger
Asked Jan 17, 2017
Edited Jan 17, 2017

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