Had one night stand with woman.very anxious

I have a question involving pregnancy. About a year ago, I had unprotected intercourse with a female exotic dancer (yes a very stupid decision). I was anxious after the fact of getting some form of illness. I was tested for hiv and stds and thankfully came back clear. Now, the thought of pregnancy never bothered me but over the last week, I started thinking about it and perseverating and making myself anxious. He anxiety has overtaken my life and I don't know what to do. In that instance, I used the pull out method. To my knowledge, it was used correctly. It has a 4% failure rate if used correctly; 27% if incorrectly. I have no way of contacting her as I don't even have a name. I'm not sure if she knows my name or not. Should I continue to worry? This is such an awful feeling. I would never wish this upon my worst enemy.
Asked Jan 12, 2017

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