How do I convince mum to let me wear a bikini?

Im a 14 years old girl from Iraq. I grew up in Sweden but I moved to Australia one year ago. In Sweden EVERYONE wears a bikini from a young age, I used to be the only one that wore a tankini in the whole school. I asked my mum if I could wear one a lot of times but she says ''no of course not, aren't u ashamed of showing ur body'' and when I tell her no because everyone wears and that its normal she teels me ''shame on you'' and idk how to convince her.

My reasons for wanting one:
1. My tummy and a boys tummy looks the same so why am I not allowed to show mine? THEY LOOK THE SAME!!!
2. Why would I be ashamed? This generation everyone wears one and its fucking normal and unnormal if u aren't allowed to wear one this is 2017 we r living in.
3. And I get really mad when my mum says I'm not allowed to wear one without giving me a reason. I don't see the problem with me wearing one, I feel really jealous of my friends when they r showing off their pretty bodies and I can't do that, it makes me feel like I don't belong with them or that I'm lacking or something.....

Du guys have any tips?
Asked Dec 30, 2016

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