Can you help me find this game?

i played a scary game once, it was an escape game, you start out by entering your name, then you're in front of a house at night there is a moon in the sky and a stump to the left I believe, if you clicked one of them it changes the dream some how, oh yeah b.t.w. its a nightmare. When you get to the door there is either "666" or "404" on a door mat and when you walk in there is writing on the wall but if you look at it you die right away. Anyways, in the end you are looking at your grave stone and an alarm wakes you up. I remember when I was playing it this thing faded into the scene off to the right, but scared me so bad I jumped and my phone went flying out of my hand to behind the couch in the next room. I'm the kind of girl who likes getting scared so I REALLY enjoyed that game but cant seem to find it again nor remember the name to show a friend, please help!
Asked Dec 26, 2016

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