I feel I am depressed, but I am afraid to ask for help.

I am 17 years old and I have taken many online quizzes and they all come out as me having moderate to severe depression. I also have a past of suicidal thoughts and self harm. I have been feeling this way for many years and I have not really spoken about it because it makes me feel like I am being weak and asking for attention. We have been through a lot in the years, my dad remarrying and my mom now struggling to support us. She often feels like every hardship we have gone through is her fault, so I have always been the strong and supportive one were my two older sisters have lived their own lives almost normally. We are currently going through a move in provinces again and she is struggling to find a school she can afford, she is under so much pressure that I feel that I cannot tell her I feel depressed because it may be too much for her. My sisters have now both gone off to University and I feel if I wasn't here, she would not be so stressed and not have to deal with me.
I don't know what to do...
Asked Dec 26, 2016
Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you're going through some troubles. I definitely understand that you may feel you are a burden to your mom. But if you are still in school right now, a counselor could be of help there. I know that talking to a stranger can be weird but if you build some type of relationship with the school counselor or a teacher you can trust, you can go talk to them. But one thing is, your gonna have to get out of your comfort zone and speak up. Being more social can help with depression even though it makes you want to do the opposite. Personally, I wouldn't tell you to go to the doctor so they can give you some type of medication. I don't think that's healthy anyway. But you have to speak up soon to someone you trust and talk about it. Someone older and can give you guidance. Then you can clear your head and be strong for yourself and your mom. To ask someone for help with your mental being is not weak, its not asking for attention to get yourself back on track. If you feel overwhelmed with the things going on, of course it is going to effect you mentally. And another thing, don't care what people think because it's all about you taking care of your mind. It is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But please, for yourself, go and talk to someone. But I hope your mom can find a school for you. I hope things can get better for you!
Answered Dec 26, 2016

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