Something Strange (and Weird) and Something Good happened to me yesterday? Could It Mean Something?

Yesterday 2 Things Happened To Me: One was Strange and The Other was Good.Heres What The Strange Thing that happened was: In the Morning In Class I just standing there doing the Pledge when all of a sudden I heard a loud banging noise and then I looked to see everybody staring and then I saw 2 kids staring and then I looked down to see my computer had fallen off the desk and onto the floor,and I was worried it had broken but I saw Everybody staring at me and giving me a weird look even the teacher was doing it and it honestly creeped me out and it was probably the most embarrasing moment in my life and I got the computer back onto the desk as The Teacher came over there still giving me that weird look and he said "Are U OK? Did It Break!?" and it was weird.Then this kid who used to bully me started talking to me and apologized for what he did.Then later in the day after this Kid who bullies me named Jackson told me to quit following me and told me to F Off and really hurt my feelings but then I went and found these group of guys who are my friends to hang out with and I had the best time ever with them because they took me all around trying to find a A Girlfriend For Me and I had the best time ever and it actually was the best time I have ever had in my Entire Life and in the end they helped me find a girl who said "maybe".Also I stood up to these 2 kids who bully me when they were calling me over there I went over there with that group of People and they got scared and ran off because they knew if they bully me all those people were gonna stand up for me or jump in.Overall it was A Good and Weird Day yesterday although the thing that happened in the morning yesterday was really strange.
Asked Dec 22, 2016

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