What problems the healthcare industry is facing now?

The healthcare industry is an important sector on which people rely for their quality of life. In many nations it is considered to play an imperative role for the economic situation of the country. But does that meant that the healthcare sector has no challenges to overcome?
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Asked Dec 22, 2016
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Although the United States spends a lot of money on healthcare when compared to other developed nations, American healthcare system still remains to be a failure. According to the study, approximately 16% of the Americans do not have any health insurance. In fact, the country’s life expectancies and death rate is also said to be more. The technological advancements have drastically changed the lives of Americans. Thus, have a look at our write-up to get more information about the challenges faced by the US healthcare.

1. Rising Cost

When it comes to healthcare, the United States is said to be the most expensive country than any other nation. According to the survey in 2007, the United States spent approximately $2.2 trillion only on healthcare. In fact, Americans spend a lot of money on healthcare than on housing, food or any other. Due to the increase in cost, the US healthcare system still remains to be as the top issue that has to be effectively addressed.

2. Shortage of Doctors

By estimation, population of the United States is said to be 318.9 million and is also expected to increase by 20% annually. Every year nearly 20,000 doctors are getting retired. But, there aren’t enough new doctors and nurses to replace them. So, this shortage has led to the problems like accessibility, lack of care, expensive treatment, declining quality and effectiveness of the healthcare system.

3. Hospital Mistakes

Hospital mistakes and infections are the most important problems that every one of us is facing today. The United States have been ranked as the third highest nation for death rate. The main aim of every hospitals and doctors is to save millions of lives. But, thousands of people die only because of hospitals negligence. So, in order to save thousands of hundreds of lives, hospitals must incorporate services like electronic health records, e-prescriptions and many others.

4. Technological Impacts

Technology plays a vital role in advancing the healthcare system. They change the quality and effectiveness of healthcare. Many people in US believe that their modern healthcare system is successful. But, the fact is that, they are still lagging behind in terms of data availability, portability and many more. By incorporating new strategies, they can stand out from other nations.
Some of the impacts of technology on healthcare are
• Information sharing- For better collaboration between doctors and patients.
• Information processing- To process the suggestions given by doctors using modern computing devices.
• To improve the healthcare organizations for providing accurate information for patients.

5. International Healthcare Standards

As healthcare becomes globalized, many of the services from other countries will be available easily. Due to this, a lot of competition is rising between the countries. The United States is one which is being largely affected due to this overwhelming change in healthcare standards. As a result, many Americans are moving towards healthcare services offered by other countries. So, all these factors have led to the downfall of the US healthcare system.
Answered Dec 22, 2016
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