I think I've fallen in love, what do I do?

1st, I'm 100% good in my sexuality (gay) & my gender identity(transmale), and if we could all veer from hate speech that would be good, because it honestly exhausts me. And please no one tell me I'm not in love because I'm 16 & know nothing about it. So. I have a technical theatre class after school. One night, I was working the spot light in a play, & saw this guy & found myself staring at him most of the night. This was a week ago. I've been attracted to guys before, but if I don't see them again, usually the attraction fades, then I find myself attracted again. I usually check out their whole body if I'm into them, but this guy had me head over heels & heart eyes with just his face. We made eye contact (within a foot of each other) briefly one time, but I can still replay the moment in my head, & remember his features perfectly, even though I haven't seen him since. I get this weird, fluttery feeling in my chest & gut everytime I think about him,which is literally all the time. He consumes my thoughts during the day, & he's all I dream about at night. I've NEVER felt this way before. I believe in love at first sight, but I'm scared, because I don't want to fall in love with someone who wouldn't accept my authentic self fully. Can I possibly be in love with him, & what should I do? UPDATE: Also, this boy is blonde with blue eyes. And I swore I would never fall for a boy with blonde hair & blue eyes.
Asked Dec 15, 2016
Edited Dec 15, 2016

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