Can I ask to see my mom naked

I'm 14 and a boy and my parents haven't really had the talk with me but I have had sex Ed at school. I know what everything looks like (boobs vagina, etc) but I want to see up close and personal. I don't have a gf otherwise I would try to find a way to ask her but right now my mom is the best answer. Is this legal and if so how could I ask
Asked Dec 12, 2016
What. The. Hell. Is wrong. With you. I guess it's legal but what???
Answered Jan 25, 2017
Just ask her she says no just pretend it never happened if she says yes like my mom it's a fun time for us my friend
Answered Jul 06, 2017
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Answered Jul 12, 2017
I'm a 40 Year old man and I just ask my mom if I can see her naked and have her hold me as I'll be naked too so I can feel her inbrase I'll let you know how irt goes
Answered Feb 12, 2020
If she showers with the door unlocked just sneak into the room and look at her. Or if she is changing run into the room. Also, do you want to have sex with her, if so I have the answer.
Answered Oct 15, 2020
is it your stepmom or real mom because if its your real mom your fucked up
Answered Oct 18, 2020
i think its best to talk to her about your feelings if she accepts then thats it but if she rejects then thats ok there are more fish in the sea
Answered Mar 07, 2021

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