How do I tell my mom I don't want to continue math tutoring?

I go to this math tutor, and I hate it. Not that I don't understand anything, I understand most of the material taught. But the problem is that I signed up for grade 8/9 math, and we're learning things much harder than that! My mom says it's so that when I get to learn those things in high school, it will be much easier then. I get that totally, but I really don't see a point in learning it so early on. Here's a few reasons why:

The homework load is terrible. On average, the teacher will give 2-3 packages of math to do, each about 4-5 pages long, and with up to 32 questions on each page! The teacher seems to forget that I also have other schoolwork to do, as well as extra curriculars (Practicing piano for 1.5 hours everyday, and art class on fridays). I'm overloaded, and have no times for friends.

Another thing that happens is the way the teacher teaches. Every week, we get back the previous week's homework. We are expected to do the corrections if we get a low mark. I understand that completely. But one time, a girl forgot (or was too busy) to do her corrections, so the teacher asked her why. She was too afraid to answer. So the teacher said she had "no guts", and that if she wasn't going to do the corrections, she "should stop wasting her mom's money coming to my class, and you can get out right now". This teacher scares me, and now every Wednesday afternoon (when I have him), I'm always afraid to get in the car. This also leads me to being afraid of not doing my best in his class and in my homework (which is realy hard for my level; not sure why it's called "tutoring" if it's not helping me), which leads to me putting his homework over schoolwork out of fear of incompletion. And as I mentioned before, I have other things I need to do too, which leads to me rushing to finish schoolwork.

My older brother used to go to the same tutor, but he had no problems like the ones mentioned above. He had no piano to practice after school and no art class to attend. So my mom is assuming I won't have any problems either, because 'Your brother did it, you can too!"

I don't think my mom understands how difficult it is for me to learn anything in that tutor. I'm constantly afraid of being yelled at, and I often end up rushing to finish everything. She thinks that I am like my brother, and I can do it. And when I DON'T get great marks like my brother did, she'll just compare me to my brother, and send me on my way.

This tutor is killing me. I cry whenever I get out of his class, because the atmosphere is SO DAMN TENSE that every time the teacher isn't pleased with you, the whole class stops breathing. I get depressed when the teacher tells me I'm useless and wasting my mom's money (he once told my brother's classmate to go get a job at McDonald's). I'm depressed. I really want to get out of this tutor. By my mom doesn't understand, and thinks this is for my own good.

And just so you know, I'm not struggling in school in any way. I get high 90s in math, english, art, and music, and 80s in everything else. I really don't need this tutor. My mom says it's for advance learning, but I really can't see it that way. It's destroying my mental health.
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Asked Dec 08, 2016

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