Garnishments / Judgements

My Chapter 13 was dismissed last week (paid 675 for a year). I moved from FL to PA and my expenses increased.?
The lawyer originally said we could modify once in PA then when I got here he said I couldnt modify. So I had $400 more a month in rent/utilites & taxes & couldn't afford the payments. My car loan that I had for 5 years was extended another 5 in the Chapter 13 & even with the cram down. So chapter 13 was dismissed last week for non payment. The garnishment judgement Asset Acceptance had in Florida for a very old credit card was stopped by the Chapter 13. Now that this is dismissed can they reopen the garnishment or do they have to go back to court. I now live in PA and state law does not allow garnishment on Consumer debt. Will the Florida garnishment hold up in PA? My employer is in Florida and I work remote in PA (we have other PA employees and in CA). Do the PA state laws apply to my wages or will they go by FL law because my employer is in FL?

I contacted GM and let them know that I will turn in the car. I am now at 5 years into this loan on a car that was a total lemon and still is and somehow still owe 20k plus. The original loan was something like 32k. I have no idea how that can even be possible. When they sell the car at auction and come back to me to sue for the difference that I owe would the state laws for PA apply with consumer debt or Florida law since I purchased the car in Florida? Thank you so much for your help. I am trying to get all my ducks in a row to hopefully survive the dismissal of this bankruptcy.
Asked Dec 05, 2016

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